Do I need any cooking experience?

No, We don’t assume you’ve got any previous experience and there’s no fancy terminology. The 60 Second Chef teaches you all of the most efficient, everyday cooking techniques, tips and tricks in a clear, friendly way.

Over 70 vides sounds like a lot - Is it going to take a long time to learn?

No. The 60 Second Chef has been specifically designed to teach you faster than any other cooking course out there. Each videos is only 60 seconds long, but it packs in a lot of information, so that you spend less time learning and more time cooking.

How is this different to other online cooking courses and videos?

The 60 Second Chef is the fastest way to learn how to cook. The lessons are extremely quick (60 seconds each), beautiful to watch, simple to follow and only give you the techniques you really need. Once you finish one video there’s no hunting around for the next lesson either. The course has been designed so that you move seamlessly from one topic to the next in a structured way.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. You only need basic, inexpensive kitchen equipment and in the Starter Pack there’s a video telling you everything you’ll need.

Do you teach vegeterians and vegans?

Yes. The Starter Pack, the Nutrition Pack and the majority of the Main Course Pack are relevant for both vegeterians and vegans. Check out the “What’s included?” page to find out the exact content of the course.

Do I need to have a qualification in French to understand the cooking terminology?

“Julienne” and “brunoise” are not terms you’ll find in The 60 Second Chef course. They’re carrot sticks and carrot cubes. Let’s all relax 😉

How long does my membership last?

Your one off membership gives you lifetime memebership to the course.

Will I learn how to cook full recipes?

Yes. Once you’ve quickly learned all the basic cooking techniques in The 60 Second Chef you’ll be able to combine them to cook thousands of recipes. And if you buy the Complete Course we’ll also include a bonus section of full recipes to get you started.

Is this a diet plan?

No. The 60 Second Chef isn’t about restricting yourself. It’s about learning the basic cooking techniques so that you can cook yourselfdelicious, healthy meals from scratch. With all the basics under your belt you’ll be in control.

Will you teach me how to prepare oysters and octopus ceviche?

No. The 60 Second Chef is about the food you eat everyday. Delicious, healthy and hearty. We like to make life simple.

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