Are you ready to get confident in the kitchen?

The 60 Second Chef has been created to give you all the simple lessons you need to make cooking easy:
10 videos on basic nutrition principles
22 videos on basic knife skills and setting up your
home kitchen for success
38 videos covering all the basic techniques for
cooking vegetables, meat, fish and more
Free bonus section: full recipe tutorials

What’s included?

The Starter Pack Purchase The Starter Pack

From which equipment to buy, how to hold and sharpen a knife and the basic chopping techniques, learn how to get going in the kitchen with the 22 video starter pack.

The Nutrition Pack Purchase The Nutrition Pack

Learn about good fats, bad fats, carbs and other basic principles of nutrition in clear easy-to-follow terms in this 10 video nutrition pack.

The Main Pack Purchase The Main Pack

From cooking easy, delicious breakfasts to learning all the basics of cooking vegetables, fish and meat, the main course pack contains 38 videos that will unlock all the cooking techniques you need to cook great meals.

Bonus Pack

When you buy the three packs together you receive a discount on your purchase plus a free set of bonus videos giving you easy to follow recipes to cook for yourself, your family and your friends.

Join the thousands who’ve
learned how to cook real food from

Every day we’re inspired by the stories of people who are learning to cook for fun, for their health or for a greater feeling of freedom from pre-prepared meals. Here are just a few of our recent learners.

“I created this course for people who want a shortcut for learning all the basics of cooking. No fancy techniques that you’ll never need, just the essential techniques that’ll mean less time learning and more time eating delicious food you’ve cooked from scratch.”
Patrick Drake, The 60 Second Chef

Start cooking delicious
food from scratch today

The Complete Course

Buy all the cooking courses together and receive a free bonus pack of full recipe classes for the reduced price of only£29.95


What’s Included?

The Starter Pack

22 videos

for £11.95

BUY NOWWhat’s Included?

The Nutrition Pack

10 videos

for £5.95

BUY NOWWhat’s Included?

The Main Pack

38 videos

for £19.95

BUY NOWWhat’s Included?

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