The 60 Second Christmas

learn-Christmas-recipes 60-Second-Christmas Perfect-Turkey Online-Cooking-Course Patrick-Drake the-60-second-chef perfect-christmas

No time to learn Christmas recipes? No worries. Do it in 60 Seconds.

In life there are certain pivotal moments. We often call them “rights of passage”. Passing your driving test, a first kiss, witnessing the birth of your first child. None however fills people with more trepidation than the greatest test of them all: cooking a perfect Christmas dinner.

The Christmas dinner has gone down in culinary infamy as one the ultimate tests of cooking ability and it’s really no wonder. I mean, screw up your dinner on a random Wednesday night in July and you’ll probably be forgiven. Destroy the Christmas dinner your family have waited 12 months to eat and it’s a whole different box of baubles.

But when you think about it, a Christmas lunch or dinner is no different to a bog-standard roast. It’s just surrounded by a slightly greater sense of occasion and a specifically chosen soundtrack (my favourite being The Christmas Song à la Nat King Cole). But at the end of the day it’s just a roast turkey with a few veggies right? The key is in the timing.

That said, if you’ve never cooked a roast either, then yep, you could be up a rather choppy creek without a paddle.

Enter: The 60 Second Christmas.

learn-Christmas-recipes 60-Second-Christmas online-cooking-course Patrick-Drake The-60-Second-Chef

As the clock skidoos ever closer to the big day, the challenge is to find the quickest way to absorb the thousands of online cooking tips and Christmas recipe hacks you can find. But you’ve got Christmas shopping to do, so you need a culinary shortcut.

In the spirit of (rescuing) Christmas I wanted to give you a free video course, so you can learn Christmas recipes for the perfect seasonal dinner. Forget watching badly shot, super long cooking tutorials on Youtube. You can watch this entire course in 10 minutes flat.

The course covers:

How to plan the perfect Christmas dinner: Tips and tricks to be more organised and take the stress out of the big day

Roast turkey: The non-fussy recipe for perfectly succulent meat

How to carve your roast turkey: The 60 second guide to masterful carving at the dinner table

Homemade gravy: The simple technique to create a silky, rich pan-sauce

Roasted potatoes: The tricks you need for crunchy-on-the-outside-fluffy-in-the-middle roast potatoes

Red cabbage: The quintessential Christmas accompaniment prepped in advance to extra convenience…and flavour

Homemade stuffing: The trick for getting golden, textured stuffing

Brussels sprouts: A new way of cooking a notorious Christmas tradition, that’ll make it a regular favourite

Steamed vegetables: The simple technique for perfectly cook, vibrant vegetables

Bubble n’ Squeak: Turn leftovers into a gourmet brunch with a Spanish tortilla twist

Just type in your details on the homepage and I’ll whizz you over a code to register.

Happy Christmas!