#iquitsugar (And Survived to Write this Post)

Italian Power Eggs

For most people they skip a meal and the worst that might happen is a slight energy dip. For others (myself included), it’s a full blown roller-coaster ride with a triple loop thrown in for good measure. One minute you’re ticking along nicely with the wind in your sails and the next you’re bordering on narcolepsy. In extreme cases (to which I have also been prone) you also become what’s affectionately known as h-angry (no explanation needed).

About a month go I was trying to work out the source of the problem. Maybe my thyroid was overactive and I needed to eat more? Maybe I was diabetic?! (Trust me, if you try to self-diagnose yourself using Google you can convince yourself you’ve got pretty much every ailment going).

That’s when the obvious answer hit me: Sugar. Recently it’s become demonised by the health-food fraternity, but it doesn’t take a nutrition degree to work out why. Sugar may make stuff taste good, but it’s a quick burning high with no nutritional value whatsoever.

​So I committed try to quit sugar as one of my new year’s resolutions . But then I realised it was only October. So I quit that day instead.

Since then I’ve discovered Stevia (a sugar substitute that tastes surprisingly good) and breakfast isn’t a bowl of sugar-laden cereal (it’s mind-blowing how much added sugar there is in breakfast food in particular) or honey-coated toast. In fact I’m whipping up the power breakfast above most mornings (I’ll stick the recipe below).

I’ve had the very occasional craving for something sweet, but to be honest it’s been a lot easier than I thought. The main thing is preparation. Eat a great breakfast and take food with you for the rest of the day so you don’t have to buy stuff with hidden sugar (there is hidden sugar in practically everything in the supermarket – even plain cooked chicken).

My summary?

1. If you want to make an improvement to your diet (or life generally) don’t wait for a meaningless date like 1st January to do it. Start today!

2. The people who bang on about the evils of sugar may sound like preachy killjoys but what they are saying just makes sense. Sugar is only good for a short term high and for many people it’s causing havoc with their health and their well-being. Sure, it’s a sacrifice to give it up (or at least cut it down), but if the upside is feeling healthy, having more stable energy levels and generally feeling happier, surely it’s worth it?

Zero Sugar Italian Power Breakfast


Feeds 1 (a big 1!)

4 Eggs
2 Tbsps Mozzarella Cheese
1 Handful Cherry Tomatoes
A Few Basil Leaves
Half an Avocado


Pre-heat your oven to 150 degrees. Chop the cherry tomatoes in half, toss them in a little drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Slow roast them for 30 mins until they’re all wrinkly and sweet.

(It’s best to do this in advance with all your cherry tomatoes to speed up your breakfast prep)

Heat a couple of tsps of olive oil in a non-stick pan on medium heat.

Crack 2 whole eggs into a bowl and add the whites of the remaining eggs. Whisk them with a ballon whisk or a fork until you get a decent amount of bubbles forming and then pour the mixture into your hot pan.

Scramble the eggs with a wooden spoon or a plastic spatula, add a good pinch of salt and when they are almost done add the cherry tomatoes and chopped mozzarella.

(Take the eggs off the heat before they look completely done as they’ll continue to cook afterwards anyway)

Top the eggs with a bit of chopped basil and cubed avocado and a few grinds of black pepper.